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Thoughts and opinions on sales, marketing, social media, digital content, technology and social business.

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5 Great Reasons to Include a Mobile Strategy in Your Business Plan


You don’t have to look far to find people clinging to their mobile devices. Following the mobile phenomenon happening right now in business, web design has taken on a whole new meaning as Internet access has become the number one method of browsing on a hand-held device.

Engaging Inbound Leads: Here Are The Secrets!

enagage inbound leads (5)

You've just received a hot inbound lead. An executive at a company, squarely in your target market, just downloaded your top performing ebook. This lead is ready for your sales team - what will they do next? Unfortunately, the answer is often…nothing. This valuable lead may sit untouched for days until your sales team is able to call and begin the selling process. 

What Makes an Elite Sales Rep?

elite salespeople

Any elite performer has qualities that make them the best. Elite athletes and artists all have specific characteristics, rituals and training that they practice to be the best. Even in the business world, the elite have certain characteristics and practices that make them the best at what they do.

Make it An Inside Job: Find Your Customer Champion!

customer champions (1)

Do you have enough customer champions to propel your business forward?

Grow Your Twitter Followers Organically With These Tips

twitter (1)

Twitter has grown to become a “go to” marketing channel that every business wants to utilize. The site offers a huge user base and numerous networking opportunities, but marketers still find growing a following to be a bit of a challenge. While opportunities and entire businesses have been created to “sell” you followers, organic growth is possible with a little strategic thinking, engagement and work.

5 Best Practices For Sales Success

best practices sales

Being a sales professional doesn’t not have to be hard. If you have a great product and a little determination, there’s no reason you can’t build a successful career. However, some salespeople tend to make their sales process more difficult than it needs to be.

Smart Strategies to Stand Out on LinkedIn

stand out on linkedin 2

Often, when building a business all of your effort goes into making your company or employer stand out from the competition.  But equally important in the business world is keeping your persona front and centre. LinkedIn is an excellent way to promote yourself as a thought leader in your field. With over 175 million members and new members joining at the rate of one every two seconds, LinkedIn is an effective tool, if you understand how it works.

How to Build Trust as a Salesperson

How to build trust as a salesperson

If your customers were asked to rate how trustworthy you are as a salesperson on a 1 – 10 scale, how would you rank? To be effective in any sales capacity, one of the most valuable traits you can possess is trustworthiness.

Harness the Power of Online Video for Your Business

Video for business

Online video has been growing in popularity for quite a few years now. As more homes and businesses have installed hi-speed Internet access, the number of videos online has exploded.  If you’re looking for a great way to educate website visitors or promote your product or service, it's time to consider video.

The Most Important Social Media Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Social Media KPI

While the majority of companies have put in place some type of social media marketing strategy, few know how to accurately measure their return on investment (ROI). There are actually several key performance indicators (KPI) that your business can start using today to help determine how successful your social media efforts are, and you will be happy to hear that many of them are free.

ClickZ walks through several key performance indicators that will prove to be extremely beneficial to your business:

  • Social Connections: While many social media experts claim that this metric is your least valuable one; most marketers of small-to-medium sized businesses tend to dwell on this number. The truth be told is that unless your business has an enormous budget for earning thousands or even millions of fans, focusing on growing this category adds little value.
  • Social Page Views: Knowing at any point in time how many people have viewed your Facebook page is valuable information, and perhaps more meaningful than knowing the number of views that your business's website is getting.
  • Video/SlideShare Views: Making yourself aware of the number of times that people have tuned into your YouTube video or viewed your SlideShare presentation can help you to measure the success of your content and gauge whether it's engaging your target audience or not gaining much traction.
  • Engagement Rate: As you can imagine, this key performance indicator is a critical one. The engagement rate basically measures the number of "likes" and comments that your business has received and divides it by a total fan count. Not only can it help you to determine the type of content that your target audience finds most appealing, but it can make you aware of the best times of day to post content. Facebook's EdgeRank takes a good hard look at this metric and factors it in to how it will rank your business on its newsfeed.
  • Talking About This. Next to the number of fans that your Facebook page has is the number of people that are talking about your brand. Basically, this metric tracks the number of people that are talking about your brand and/or your posts on their Facebook page.
  • Facebook Reach: This Facebook metric measures how far your brand's reach is extending on Facebook by dividing it out by organic, viral, and paid. While this might not be the most accurate metric that your business looks at, it can still help you to determine how your business is performing over prior periods.
  • Re-tweet Rates: This metric is just as obvious as it sounds. It tracks the engagement rate of your tweets and if people feel that it is valuable enough to re-tweet.
  • Social Clicks: If you use Bitly as a URL shortener, you can take advantage of its API (application programming interface) to see how many clicks your business is getting and which categories are driving the most clicks. This key performance indicator is valuable because even if you share a link in a status update that is not for your website, you can still find out how many clicks you are generating even if they are not to your own website.

While there are several other key performance indicators that would be valuable for your business to know, these basic metrics mentioned above can help you to determine if your social media marketing strategy is working.

Which key performance indicators does your business rely heavily upon to measure its social media success?

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