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3 Must-Haves in Your 2018 Digital Marketing Plan

Posted by Rick Lambert on Mon, Nov 20, 2017


As 2018 fast approaches, many of us are keeping our eyes peeled for the next big digital marketing trend to produce measurable business results and gain a competitive advantage. The true beauty of digital marketing is the fact that it is constantly evolving which presents new opportunities for early adopters.

Here are three trends that we believe you need to have on your radar.

1. Personalization - Create a unique customer experience!

The trend towards more directed, personalized content will continue to grow. Studies have shown that over 50% of B2B buyers conduct research and base their buying decisions on relevant content. In fact, 47% want to see three or more pieces of content before they speak to a sales rep (Source: DemandGen).

Content is clearly driving buying decisions and should be the heart of your marketing strategy. As digital marketing evolves, so does the nature of content creation. One of the biggest ways to attract and capture your buyer is through personalization. Tailor your content to specifically meet your customer's needs and you will enjoy greater engagement and ROI!


2. Paid Advertising – You get what you pay for in digital marketing too!

More and more marketing efforts are starting to include some form of paid advertising. This allows your business to target specific companies, specific positions and even locate your ads within a specific area you sell your products and services. Although the horror stories of a competitor clicking on your paid ad may not be totally in the rear view mirror, there are new ways to control your spend, prevent abuse by a malicious competitor and really zero in on your target customer persona. Again, this will help you boost your brand, your consideration rates and measure the ROI on your marketing spend.

3. Video Communication – Text content is still critical, but video is king!

If your marketing plan doesn’t include video, you may be missing out. Today’s time-poor, short attention span buyers are more prone to watch a quick video than ever read a page of text. Don’t just take our word for it, what would you prefer?

Here’s some stats to support our immense push for video with our clients:

  • 1 minute of video content isthe equivalent of 1.8 million words (Source: James McQuivey, Digital Marketing Expert). And by 2019, video will represent over 80 percent of all Internet traffic. (Source: Cisco Systems)
  • 65% of decision makers visit the suggested website after viewing a branded video (Source: ComScore)
  • Video is shared 1,200 percent more than both links and text combined. (Source: Simply Measured)

When creating video, our suggestion would be to keep them short, make them memorable, and lead the prospect to where you want them to go.

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving and is unquestionably the place to invest your marketing funds if you want to measure ROI.  We’re not totally against old school methods, but we do believe there is a way to teach an old dog some new tricks.

Having trouble measuring the ROI on your marketing spend? Need help with your digital marketing strategy? Maybe now is the time to engage us to unleash the digital marketing potential of your business!

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