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Thoughts and opinions on sales, marketing, social media, digital content, technology and social business.

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How to Market Your Blog's Content with Social Media

How to Market Your Blog%27s Content with Social Media

So you've got Shakespearean-quality blog posts, with the humor of Foxworthy and the surprise of Copperfield. Unfortunately none of that matters however if nobody ever sees it. 

To get people to read your blog it takes work, because let's face it—there are 164 million blogs, and 124 million people reading them. That's 1.3 people to read your blog. Challenge accepted? Fantastic.

3 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps Increase Website Leads

3 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps Increase Website Leads

Your website can be one of your most valuable sources of leads but for many businesses out there, their website isn’t performing as it could be.  That’s where inbound marketing comes in – but how does it help you increase your leads?

1. Website Optimization   

The more effectively you optimize each page of your website for keywords, the more effectively you’ll pull in traffic through Google.  The more traffic you have, the more leads you can get.

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