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Thoughts and opinions on sales, marketing, social media, digital content, technology and social business.

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6 Website Must Haves To Start Generating Leads

Website must haves

How to convert your website into a sales and marketing machine

Buyer Personas - Why they are so important to creating great content

buyer personas - what they are so important to creating great content

In recent weeks we have been working with several clients on developing their inbound marketing strategies. In working through our strategy discussions, the subject of content and content creation inevitably creates much debate. The cliche that "content is king" is as important as ever. However, before this item on the agenda can be explored in a meaningful way, the question of buyer personas needs to be addressed first. Understanding and developing buyer personas is critical in order to create this valuable content that speaks to your target audience(s). At first blush this may seem to be a straight forward exercise, since most companies/businesses and marketers already know their target customers - or do they?

Why your business should do an annual website audit (Part 2)

anual website audit part 2

In our recent Website Audit Part 1 post we discussed why your business website is so important today and the why you should do an annual website audit.

Why your business should do an annual website audit (Part1)

Website Audit

People are researching, sharing information and making buying decisions very differently than they used to just a few years ago.  Today people use internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to research, gather information and communicate with third party sources about most products and services they intend to purchase.  How many times did you use Google today to search for something?

Why does my business need Social Media?

why business' need social media

Many of our customers and prospects are still wrestling with social media for their businesses; this, despite all the media attention around it, despite their colleagues, employees, customers and prospects connecting with them via Linkedin, or receiving a friend request on Facebook or hearing about Twitter’s new found status of breaking news, and President Obama and the Pope now communicating to their audiences using their personal Twitter accounts. Some of our business customers and prospects do not understand the buzz around social media.

Why you should start telling your story online using video

use video to tell your story

Why you should start telling your story online using video

Video is the second largest source of search engine traffic today and continuing to gain momentum. According to comScore, in December 2010, 178 million people watched 33.2 billion videos, with the average viewer watching 187 videos per month in the U.S.

Marketing your business online is a powerful way to reach local customers searching for products and services to meet their needs and solve their problems. The Internet is the number one tool that consumers are using to find local products and services to meet these needs. Today, millions of consumers will find what they are looking for online using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Youtube. But will they find your business?

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