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How to Convert Leads like a Pro using Landing Pages

Posted by Rick Lambert on Tue, Aug 21, 2012

How to Optimize Landing Pages like a ProWhy do some pages get higher rankings than others? And why do top brands always rank the highest?

The simple answer, they have the money to pay for it. They pay large amounts of money to the pros to do a number of internet-marketing tasks for them—one of which is optimizing their landing pages. When landing pages are optimized by the pros they contain all the elements that are needed to attract Google's crawlers, refer traffic and eventually convert surfers into customers.

To help you optimize your landing page like a pro we've put together 11 tips and formed an easy-to-follow How-To:

1. Maximize your Above-the-Fold Real Estate
The real estate at the top of the page is the most-read part of the page due to our society's increasingly shrinking attention spans. You've only got a few seconds to grab your readers attention—and hold it—before they move on. This means you've got to have your most important text and elements at the top of the page. This includes: attention-grabbing headlines and subheads, highest converting content/text and most effective call-to-actions. This also means moving content, like banner ads, logos and navigational elements further down the page. 

2. Social Proof
There is a reason why nightclubs purposely try to form long lines in front of their nightclubs, it gives them social proof that says to your public that you are popular and desirable. This is one of the intended purposes of social media marketing, to show that your company is popular and well-liked. To ensure that your landing page is "social proof", include social media sharing buttons—minding the fold of course. 

3. A Bulleted List of WIIFM (What's In It For Me)
We all have “what's-in-it-for-me” attitudes—so don't fight it, capitalize on it! Create an easy-to-find and easy-to-view list that clearly spells out what the benefits are for joining your website, buying your product and following your call to action. 

4. Body Text of WIIFM
The bulleted list is how you get your readers attention, but then you need to follow it up with WIIFM items in the larger body of text. This will need to include facts, figures, research, testimonials, etc., that back up your WIIFM claims. And speaking of testimonials...

5. Testimonials/Proof 

Not only are we a what's-in-it-for-me generation, we're also extremely skeptical. You need to backup your claims with testimonials and/or proof. Without this you won't gain the trust of your readers enough to get them to follow through your CTA buttons.

6. Stimulating Pictures and Video 

We all love pretty pictures. We like video even more. Not only do they make your page more visually appealing, they also break up impenetrable-looking blocks of text. Be sure to use interesting photos and videos though—stock photos of a phony boardroom are worse than no pictures at all. 

7. Your Value Proposition

You likely have a great value proposition that you use regularly when selling your product(s), why not use it on your landing page? But don't just use your elevator pitch as a value proposition—make it your headline. Your headline is your first—and possibly your last—opportunity to grab your readers' attention, so make it a good one by incorporating the most important elements of your value prop.

8. Call-To-Action Button

A killer landing page is pointless without a CTA button. You should only be using one on your landing page, so make it your highest performing CTA. Be sure to evaluate your CTAs regularly though, as they get stale just like some content can.

9. Minimize Linkage

Links are often used to substantiate claims, but every link is a risk of loosing your readers' attention as they are forwarded elsewhere. Instead, minimize your links by backing-up data within the text itself. With the few links you do include, make sure they are to your highest-converting pages/content. 

10. Test It

You wouldn't launch any new expensive strategy without testing it out first. Your landing page IS an expensive strategy if you think of how much it will cost you if you don't succeed. Ensure that any new changes will be uber successful with an A/B test.

11. Follow Up on IP-Based Leads

Capturing IPs is a smart idea for anyone looking to boost sales numbers through proactive selling. By capturing IP-based leads you can create lead-nurturing campaigns that actively encourage people through the sales cycle.

If you can work all of the above into your landing page you will have a professional-grade page that should boost your page reputation, lead generation and conversions. For more information on how to use video to generate leads, download our 8-Step Guide 

Video Guide

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