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Broadcast Yourself: How to Gain Leads with YouTube

Posted by Rick Lambert on Fri, Jan 04, 2013

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In 2005, with the click of a button, the slogan “broadcast yourself” flooded the Internet, conversations between friends and the cyber-psyche.  YouTube was officially born and suddenly the site became a roiling mosh pit of videos, music, musings, and homemade movies. 

Three former PayPal employees founded YouTube: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim.  In the seven years since it’s creation YouTube content has exploded in size going from the first video posted by Karim on April 23, 2005 (Me At the Zoo) to 60 hours of video being uploaded every minute and a total of 4,000,000,000 videos watched every day.

The success of YouTube could not have been predicted, or, at least not to the extent it has grown to.  It is the third most visited site on the Internet, hosts upwards of 800 million visitors per month and has over 100 million people take social action on a YouTube video every week (Tweeting, likes, shares, comments) leading to more than 50% of videos being rated.

These statistics border on jaw dropping when you realize the volume of content and the database of users YouTube has access to every minute of every day on their site.            

While it’s unlikely that the success of YouTube will be duplicated, matched or surpassed in the near future, it is entirely possible to capture a portion of success for your company through implementing social media strategies.

Fact: Every day, 500 years of video is watched on YouTube. 

Social media essentially takes communication to the grassroots level.  What this means is that rather than communicating in a broad way (TV commercials for instance), you are able to speak directly to customers, answer their questions one-on-one, and form a more personal relationship with them.

The social web provides everyone with a forum in which to have a voice, give commentary, and be involved.

Fact: YouTube gets 600 million visits per day via mobile or smart phones.

One of the most important aspects of the social media community is that companies or marketers can access it quickly and by those who aren’t easily found.

Author Susan Cain wrote one of the best selling books of 2012, Quiet – a study of how social media is run by some of the world’s most shy and introverted people because they find their voices online. 

A brief synopsis of the book: “At least one-third of the people we know are introverts.” They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking, reading to partying; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over brainstorming in teams. Although they are often labeled "quiet," it is to introverts that we owe many of the great contributions to society.” 

Fact: At the most recent count Facebook had 800,000,000 active users - an impressive head count.  YouTube has 800,000,000 users per month. 

Social media is seen as a way for people to manage their “image” and create new identities for themselves – almost like role-playing.  These online identities are protected and separated from the person’s real character by a computer or any electronic device that connects them to the Internet.

The introverts are the most difficult group for companies to reach without the Internet because if a customer will not engage in a discussion or does not reveal themselves to you, your company can not invest unlimited amount of money in the resources required to track them down. 

Fact: 700 hundred YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute. 

Online, introverts are able to find each other and connect in ways that turn their forums into deafening debates and discussions without having to open their mouths or even show their faces.  

YouTube, though, is not just a place for people to post funny videos or watch TV – it’s a place to sell and, more significantly, where one can be instructed on what to buy from one’s peers.  In fact, social media has a predicted 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing

Fact: Social media can only be a boon to your company whether it results in more traffic, more conversation, or an uptick in closed sales. It’s a win-win-win situation that can easily be put into motion and maintained when you know what it can do.

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