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Increase Customer Loyalty with Gamification Marketing

Posted by Rick Lambert on Tue, Feb 12, 2013

Increase Customer Loyalty with Gamification Marketing 1

There is no question that developing an effective social media marketing strategy is essential to the success of your business in this day and age.  However, creating original content for your niche customer base that is both engaging and informative can sometimes be a challenge.  

One strategy to increase customer loyalty and your company's presence on the Internet is to incorporate gamification into your marketing plan.  The idea of gamification is simply to offer rewards and perks to your customers through small challenges.  An excellent example of this is a clothing company that rewards its customers with a free item for getting the most "likes" on a picture of the customer wearing the product.  If implemented correctly, this strategy will help to build a social loyalty scheme, increasing returning customers and referral traffic to your website.  

The idea of using gamification in a marketing strategy is spreading like wildfire because it does produce results.  According to Forbes, 40 percent of the Global 1000 companies by 2015 will use gamification to generate new business and build brand loyalty.  

Listed below are some ways that a business could effectively incorporate gamification into its marketing strategy:

  • You don't have to give a tangible item away for free to reward your customers for engaging in your website.  In fact, studies show that giving your customer a dignified status versus rewarding him with a tangible item can be more effective.  Having a true understanding of your niche market can best help you to implement this strategy.  Offering points to customers for completing reviews of your product or for referring quality leads are easy ways for your business to use gamification.
  • To expose your potential customer base to the full offerings of your company, reward them for taking a tour of your webpage.  For example, Dropbox, a storage supplier for Cloud, offers customers additional storage space just for reviewing the company's various services.
  • Reward your customers for following you on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook by occasionally offering pop up discounts specifically for your fans.  
  • Encourage customers to spread the word on your brand by offering rewards for sharing pictures of them enjoying your product on Facebook.  This approach takes word of mouth referrals to the next level and can be very beneficial for your business.
  • If your business model relies on helping people stay the course, reward them for meeting certain goals along the way.  This strategy can help your customers further buy into your business.

Can you think of any major businesses that have implemented a successful gamification strategy?

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