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How to Make your Digital Marketing More Personal

Posted by Rick Lambert on Fri, Feb 08, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Marketing

If you've ever purchased anything on Amazon, you can appreciate the prompt follow-up email with a list of other suggested items that you may like based off of your purchase history.  While this might not be a good thing for your wallet, Amazon's personalized approach of sharing items similar to those that you have previously purchased makes it tempting for you to buy again.

Implementing inbound marketing tactics is key to the success of your company, and incorporating personalization into your marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to do this.  Discussed below are some best practices for a personalized marketing campaign:

  1. In regards to email marketing, make a point of using the recipient's name in the email message.  This information can be easy to gather, especially if you are sending a permission-based email.  Also, instead of having the sender of the email be your company, use one of your team member's names to help the recipient really feel that the email is specifically written for him.  These two tips will help to increase the probability that your recipient will read the email in full.  
  2. Create original content that is relevant to the needs and wants of your customer base.  To successfully be able to do this, you need to have a clearly defined customer niche.  Hubspot recommends segmenting your ideal customers by marketing persona to be most effective.
  3. Utilize social care to interact with your customers.  The 2013 marketing trends indicate that more and more people would prefer to ask a question on a business's social media sites instead of contact the company directly by phone.  To successfully implement this strategy, you will need to be able to provide a prompt response to your clients' questions.
  4. Take advantage of marketing automation tools to deliver relevant content to your prospective customer based off of information that you have gained from them such as something that he or she downloaded from your website.  If implemented correctly, this information will be periodically delivered to your prospective customer at a reasonable pace over time.  With follow-up being a pitfall for many of us, this personalized and automated approach will help to keep you in front of your customer base.
  5. Be genuine when conveying your message to customers and don't let it come across as a sales pitch.  People are more likely to buy into the idea of your product if they truly feel that your company is trying to help them.  

Have any companies made a lasting impression on you based off of their ability to successfully implement a personalized marketing strategy? 

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