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Considering a website re-design? 5 tips to keep you focused

Posted by Rick Lambert on Wed, Jul 27, 2011

considering a website re-design

Your website is the single most important marketing element for your business today. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

If you think about it for a moment you may think of your website a little differently. If you meet someone for the first time at an event, tradeshow or if you are interviewing a potential employee, you make up your mind up fairly quickly about the individual, particularly if it’s a bad impression. Common courtesy and etiquette may keep you engaged with this individual for longer than you intend if you did get a negative impression. In the online world the same first impressions are made, however, your visitor or prospect has the option to instantly click away in a matter of seconds if they do not get a favorable first impression and or they cannot easily find the information they came looking for.

Your business website is a business tool and should deliver business results. If you are considering a website re-design, want to increase your online reach and turn your website into a lead generation engine for your business, you should consider the following 5 tips.

Define your goals: More website visitors and leads - Focus on your objectives when re-designing your business website. The impact of the re-design on your business is to get more visitors, leads and customers and make your re-design decisions on these goals. 

Avoid common pitfalls: Conduct an audit of your current website. Evaluate your current content, web pages and links. Protect the existing assets of your website, particularly the content and links that are driving current traffic and leads on your site. Protect your current inventory and the valuable assets of your existing site during your re-design.

Create valuable relevant content that will draw your customers and prospects to your website. Have a content creation strategy that will keep your website interesting, fresh and informative. Blogs, case studies, e-books and videos will keep your customers and prospects coming back to your website over time. Put content before design. An impressive design is simply not enough to maintain the interest of your audience. Content attracts visitors and converts them to leads.

Calls to action and landing pages are critical to convert your visitors to leads. Once you attract visitors to your website with your remarkable content, having conversion opportunities for these visitors to provide you with their contact information in exchange for your valuable content, is key to your re-design and to your goal of generating leads.

Website analytics: Make sure that your website re-design enables you to measure and analyze your traffic, page views, leads and conversions. If you want to see if you are meeting your goals and objectives you have to be a able to analyze, adjust and improve in order to consistently meet your business results.


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