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Power Up Your Website with Video!

Posted by Rick Lambert on Fri, Dec 16, 2016


Video is a powerful website tool that can increase popularity and engagement with potential consumers of your goods and services. Whether you use it to generate leads, showcase your brand, or just drive more visitors to your website, video is a proven medium to engage people exponentially over text and still images.

Video By the Numbers

These recent stats and facts explain why more and more marketers consider video as a “must have” component of their advertising and marketing strategy;

  • #2 search engine is YouTube, Google is #1 
  • 60 second video has the same marketing value as 1.8 million words (source: Forrester Research)
  • 100 million Internet users watch online video every day. (source: comScore)
  • 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on business websites online at least once a week. (source: Forbes) 
  • Website visitors are 64% more likely to purchase a product from an online retailer after watching a product video. (source: comScore)

Online video viewership activity can be easily measured and take your website to a whole new level with a more dynamic, interactive experience users will visit over and over!

Video Applications and Opportunities 

Wondering how you could leverage video in your business? View our quick demonstration video to see some of our work and how our clients are using video in their businesses.



 Popular Reasons to Add Video to Your Website

People use video to satisfy a wide range of business objectives. Here are a few of the more popular reasons:

  1. Put a Face on Your Business – If you don’t meet with your customers  face to face, a video of you or your people can “humanize” your business to site visitors.
  2. Drive Website Traffic – Search engines love video. With the proper SEO, video can really move the needle on website traffic.
  3. Enhanced User Experience – Video turns your website into a dynamic, interactive experience. You can use video to explain who you are and what you do, what can be found on your site, or take users on a virtual tour of your brick and mortar location.
  4. Educate with “How to” Videos – Some of the most popular videos on the web educate customers on how to install or set-up a product, show it in action, or remotely train clients and staff how to use it.
  5. Share Your Expertise – Video can help build trust and position you as a thought leader with your viewers. 

Adding the power of video to your website content strategy is fast becoming the norm. Based on recent studies, today’s time constrained executive would prefer to watch a video over reading text, and millennials have grown up on video making it a more in-demand medium.

If you don’t have a video strategy, we’d be pleased to share our insights on various applications for your business, how to produce video affordably, and how to leverage it on your website. We’re ready when you are to help you grow your business with video!

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