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How to Promote Your Business with Facebook's Edgerank

Posted by Rick Lambert on Thu, Feb 21, 2013

As you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, do you ever wonder why not all of your friends' status updates, "likes", and comments are displayed? Facebook created EdgeRank to filter all of your friends' activity on this social media site and then ranks each update that would be of most importance to you. Social activity that EdgeRank deems you to have the most interest in will typically appear at the top of your newsfeed, and Facebook friends that you're less likely to engage with will appear towards the bottom of your feed or not at all. The EdgeRank algorithm also allows for a small component of randomization, which is why you may occasionally see a status update from a Facebook friend that you have little interaction with. The goal of EdgeRank is to maximize engagement and minimize the amount of potential spam.

Recently, there have been some changes to the EdgeRank algorithm that allow businesses to increase the likelihood that they will appear on a fan's newsfeed by paying a price, and the cost will vary depending on the number of Facebook fans that your business wants to reach. Since these changes to EdgeRank have been introduced, many businesses have experienced a negative effect on their social media marketing strategies involving Facebook. According to a chart shared by Venture Beat, the average organic post reach on Facebook has dropped by 40 percent since the updates to EdgeRank were made. Some would argue that these changes to EdgeRank are Facebook's greedy way of forcing businesses to pay to reach their audiences.

When taking a deeper look at these changes to EdgeRank, these claims of greed are not the case at all. Instead, these changes will require businesses to take a closer look at the content they are sharing to determine which posts are creating the most engagement among fans.

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