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How to Use Keywords to Attract Marketing Qualified Leads

Posted by Rick Lambert on Thu, Jun 13, 2013

If you're like the 61 percent of global consumers that consult the Internet before making a purchase, you've probably used a search engine or two to research a product or service. Those keywords that you type into the search engine query provide very powerful information to marketers. For business owners, conducting keyword research is one of the most critical components of creating high quality content to drive more qualified traffic to their webpages. You probably noted that qualified is in italics, and this is because the name of the game is not just attracting traffic to your webpage, but getting the right kind of visitors. By optimizing your website with keywords that your target audience is typing into search queries, you will be more successful with converting online visitors to customers

Keywords can indicate shifts in consumer demand, and having knowledge of what these keywords are can allow business owners to proactively respond to changing market conditions when necessary in order to provide the products and services that their consumers are searching for. According to MOZ, keyword research has significantly lowered the barrier to understanding what motivates consumers in purchasing decisions, and never has there been a time like this in the history of marketing before.

So how do you determine the value of a keyword to your business? How does the keyword relate to the content on your website? Would consumers be happy if they came across your website if they typed that keyword into a search engine query? Would that keyword attract the right traffic to your website, resulting in more closed business? If so, you probably have a profitable keyword on your hands and can continue to run it through the keyword value test. Below are three additional steps that you should take to ensure the quality of a keyword:

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