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Why Your Small Business Needs to Make SEO a Priority

Posted by Rick Lambert on Thu, Feb 28, 2019

Thanks to the Internet, over 80% of consumers now research business products and services online before making a purchase decision. Therefore, if your business doesn't have an online presence, chances are you may be missing out on opportunities to be considered when your ideal buyers are in the “buying window”. 

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What is SEO anyway?

Posted by Rick Lambert on Thu, Nov 03, 2011

Search engines have become a core resource for individuals looking for businesses. Because search engines are a larger source of business referrals than the Yellow Pages, businesses no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising in directories and magazines. Every business with a website has the potential to get found by more customers online. The way to do this is through search engine optimization (SEO).

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Local SEO - What you can do to help your business be found online

Posted by Rick Lambert on Wed, Sep 21, 2011

How many times have you done a search online for a local service provider within a few miles of your home or business, knowing that you have driven past their business at some time in the past, but just can't remember the business name? What's even more frustrating is the fact that the search result doesn't help in finding the business either, and you have to settle for another service provider who does appear in the search result but may be 5 or 10 miles further away. As a result of not being found online, your closest service provider has lost your business and likely many other customers searching for the same services in your local area.

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