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Avoid these Common Marketing Automation Mistakes

Posted by Rick Lambert on Tue, Jun 04, 2013

Marketing automation is one of the hottest ways to drive more qualified traffic to your business, and industry revenue is expected to grow by more than 50 percent in this area in 2013. Essentially, the term "marketing automation" refers to software platforms that businesses can utilize to perform automated repetitive tasks such as email marketing, cross-sell based marketing, and managing e-commerce tasks such as online shopping carts. If it's implemented correctly, marketing automation can make a significant contribution to your company's bottom line; however, all too often it is done the wrong way.

HubSpot shares some examples of companies that missed the mark on their marketing automation strategies, and hopefully you can learn from these mistakes:

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How to Make your Digital Marketing More Personal

Posted by Rick Lambert on Fri, Feb 08, 2013

If you've ever purchased anything on Amazon, you can appreciate the prompt follow-up email with a list of other suggested items that you may like based off of your purchase history.  While this might not be a good thing for your wallet, Amazon's personalized approach of sharing items similar to those that you have previously purchased makes it tempting for you to buy again.

Implementing inbound marketing tactics is key to the success of your company, and incorporating personalization into your marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to do this.  Discussed below are some best practices for a personalized marketing campaign:

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