Resources - Social Media


The Conversation Prism
By Brian Solis &  JESS3

The art of listening, learning and sharing

The Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism gives you a whole view of the social media universe, categorized and also organized by how people use each network. V 3.0 introduces new groups and networks and also removes those networks no longer in play. Use the Conversation Prism to see what you're missing!

The Twitterverse
By Brian Solis & JESS3

This infographic represents the Twitter ecosystem. It’s organized to show the universe of useful applications designed for marketing, business and service professionals extending out from Twitter across 19 rings.

The Twitterverse

With Twitter at the center of the stellar system, apps orbit at different rotations based on their design and functionality.

Social Media Brandsphere
By Brian Solis and JESS3

Social Media Brandsphere

Social networks and channels present brands with array of media opportunities to engage customers and those who influence them. Each channel offers a unique formula for engagement where brands become stories and people become storytellers.

In any given network, brands can invest in digital assets that span five media landscapes.

Social Media Bookshelf

  1. Anderson, Chris The Long Tail
    and Free.
  2. Brogan, Chris and Julien Smith Trust Agents.
  3. Gladwell, Malcolm The Tipping Point and Blink
  4. Godin, Seth Tribes and Linchpin
  5. Scott, David Meerman The New Rules of Marketing and PR. One of the early books on social media.
  6. Solis, Brian Engage. Brian Solis’ blog is a must read for marketers.
  7. Vaynerchuk, Gary Crush it! Bestseller by social media guru who used social media marketing to grow his family’s wine business through the use of videos.


Provides the ability to communicate in 140 character bites. It’s particularly useful for marketing purposes.

  1. Twitter Blog. This is Twitter’s official blog.
  2. TweetDeck or Hootsuite. Applications to help manage Tweet stream, mentions and schedule future tweets.
  3. Thomases, Hollis Twitter Marketing Fellow ClickZ columnist Hollis’ book covers the subject in depth.