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The New Way of Buying & Selling in the SMB Market

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In this video Q & A with power blogger Chris Brogan, you will hear his thoughts and insights on the new way of buying and selling in today’s SMB marketplace.
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YouTube is the largest online video platform. It’s also the second biggest search engine since it helps search optimization.

  1. Greg Jarboe and Suzie Reider YouTube and Video Marketing Great how-to book to get you started.
  2. How People Watch. The Nielsen Company’s report on how video is consumed. Great for data.
  3. Context is King. TechCrunch article complete with charts to show how videos are found.
  4. 31 Online Video Branding Questions. Useful checklist to help evaluate the strength of your video campaign.
  1. BrightRoll Video Advertising Report Q1, 2011